Kohda Quality

Product Quality

Meeting every customer need is achieved by the combination of technologies of experiences, rigorous quality control structure, and precise inventory control system altogether.

Technologies and Experiences

Kohda is Japan's the first manufacturer to mass-produce stainless steel cylinder valves. Ever since then, we pursue further solutions to meet customer needs. The continuing efforts lead to our products today. With the pioneer spirits and sixty year history and exceeding technology, we go beyond for quality products and the safety.

Product Lineup

Kohda's valves have wide range of products. Our valves meet gas uses for: standard and special gases such as corrosive, semiconductor, and clean. Valve types include ultra high pressure valves, small valves for argon gas and valves for fire suppression. Ready to meet your needs upon requests for other gases.

Production Management

Kohda's original software "Manufacturing Helping System" has an ability about parts stock and parts delivery management, so we can convey A to B the exact delivery date by the excellent system "M.H.S". If the parts stock has been decrease, we can get the information from "M.H.S" that we have to order the parts. We believe that we'll get the customer's satisfaction from our quality as well as delivery management.

3D Modeling Software

The latest 3D modeling software is fully applied for drawing and, moreover, simulation analysis to detect design issues for thorough safety.

Environmental Initiatives

We have been offering the service of our original maintenance option for many years, and it contributes long span life cycle of valves in safely and secure.
For the spent parts, we hand the materials to the recycling system as much as possible for contributing the sustainable society.


about ISO

Quality Control Structure

In April 2001, Kohda has been certified by ISO 9001:1994. Being compliance with ISO requirements, our quality control structure has been enhanced. Through obtaining certification successfully upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 and the most recent version, ISO 9001:2008, we have successfully improved not only the quality control structure, but also customer satisfaction continuously.

Along with the ISO standards implementations, we enhanced our inventory control system drastically. The part control number system was implemented so that all product data is controlled by computer-based structure which can remove misplacement of parts and assembly mistakes. As a result, effective traceability and highly reliable lead time control have been achieved.

Kohda's kaizen works never stop.